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Job Vacancy and Supply Chains of Work Force

Supplies Chain

Salyek Steel limited also your partner when you are sourcing for steel materials at the joint processing of very large assignment, doesn't the price come across with your budget and do you still have slack in your schedule? We think along with you and make sure that everyone can be satisfied. For this we use our Land-mark connection and experience both Domestic and Abroad Market, we engage in resell and supplies of large bulk of steel product. Contact our representative on here for more enquiry.

Need a Staff or Labour

Salyek-Steel partners with you to create a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures that disrupt markets to generate meaningful growth and as well encourages innovative adoption in any project no matter the size, reliance is natural. If you need reliable, affordable temporary or full time Civil enginers, skilled and experienced Labour in welding, steel burner and operator. Salyek steel provides skilled personnel for technical and supervision services on projects, contracts and maintenance. Whatever your situation if you need one worker for one day or more indefinitely, kindly click here to reach us on your curriculum or call 08120000039 our team will be glad to hear from you.

Join Our Team

Salyek Steel works with companies to design, deploy personnel’s and materials, Logistics and Supervision, launching, and manage Funds leveraging, global network and so on. bringing the discipline, portfolio mindset, metrics, and best practices needed to drive efficient and effective meaningful growth. Finally, Salyek Steel helps clients adopt best-in class-methods for partnering with and leveraging external startups to drive maximum value and innovation across the core business. we welcome speculative application from job seekers within the following areas of specialization.