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Scaffolding Couplers (New)


Merchant heavy duty tube and coupler scaffolding (scaffolding tubes and scaffolding couplers) for direct sale to the industrial user.

The slippage and breakage capacity of the couplers exceed OSHA requirements for heavy duty bearer couplers used at maximum load and span. Furthermore, there is a minimum of two mils or appx.fifty microns of zinc on all components. This allows for many years of open storage without rusting. To further protect your investment, we offer you replacement parts as needed. This includes nuts and bolts for the couplers, male and female fittings for the tubes. All parts are used in our normal production. We supplies both scaffolding couplers and scaffolding tubes in Nigeria. made in USA, Asia and Europeans. All material is stocked on site. Couplers are prepacked in bags of 25 and boxes of 1,000.Tubes are bundled in lots of 100.

Our products have wide application in the following industries: industrial construction, nuclear power, paper and pulp, petrochemical and shipbuilding.