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Barbed Wire (New)



    •    980mmX60 spirals

    •    440mmX108spirals

    •    500mmX108spirals


It is a new kind of security fence, modern equivalent of barbed wires widely users in various country. We stock the mild, galvanised and coated chain links wires. It is designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter barriers. It is also made from a corrosive resistant galvanized steel cutting ribbon wrapped around a core of galvanized spring steel wire.


    •    It is relatively inexpensive

    •    Difficult to cut without specialized tools

    •    Easy to install

    •    Neat appearance

    •    Anti-rust

    •    We can meet Customer special security orders 


It can be used in both Residential and Commercial premises, Farmlands, Forest Protection, Highways and Fields.

We also stock many specialist products, hot rolled and laser fused, non-standard sizes and offer a fast-turnaround.

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